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Sunday, February 25, 2007

A word about Paul Dacre

Daily Mail editor and general nasty character Paul Dacre made a big speech this week having a go at the majority of the UK's media - including the Guardian, Indie, Times, Sun and BBC.

Part of his ranting argued that if the BBC didn't become more right wing, viewers would simply turn to more extremist media like Fox News. (Pot, kettle, black, Dacre?). One of my favourite blogs made the excellent point that it would be stupid for the BBC to become Fox News, just to stop viewers watching Fox News. Just like if the government became as right wing as the BNP to stop people voting for the BNP instead. It's all just in a name.

In this article from the Independent the editors of most of the other papers respond articulately to his criticisms.

From the Times; "Paul Dacre doesn't seem to understand the workings of the free market."

From the Guardian; "I am driven to a worrying conclusion that the editor of the Mail may be misrepresenting the facts to suit his prejudices."

And The Sun can't even be bothered; "Mr Dacre's opinions are not of sufficient consequence to warrant a response from us."


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