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Friday, December 01, 2006

BSkyB's Murdoch accuses BBC of megalomania - Yahoo! News UK

Pot & Kettle.

Being increasingly impressed with the young Murdoch. I don't know if he'll be able to be as important as his old man, but there's a good dynasty being built up here.

Rupert can't have too many years left in him. I reckon another year or two before James steps up into News Corp.


  • The relationship between Sky and Ofcom is becoming similar to America and UN.

    He definately takes after the old man... pushing the free market cause and the lowering of restrictions on broadcast regulations. But I am still not convince how this will ultimately empower the consumer.

    James Murdoch will be on the wireless today(Radio 5), talking to Jeff Randall.... I'm sure that he will some interesting things to say about BBC aswell as recent events with NTL/ ITV.

    By Blogger neil, at 2:14 pm  

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