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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Frucall - Another good idea from the United States of Arse

Another good idea from America. We've already seen the programme that lets you take a photo of a product, scan it in and then get the price off the internet.

Now you can call up a number and get the service to tell you how much your product is.

"But," says Malcolm, "I can use froogle on my phone for more or less free to find out the exact price!"

That's true, but this product should be easier to use. People understand the concept of calling a number and typing in an easy to use number. There are more barriers to be overcome with using WAP.

We'll see if anyone gets around to launching a similar product in the UK. I was impressed with that service that identifies songs on the weekend, one of the guys round our house had subscribed to it. He pays £12 a month (£12!!!!) and can call the service as often as he likes. It identifies songs and sends him a text.

A really good service would also include the option of sending him an email with handy (affiliate) links to all the CDs on Amazon containing his song.

Lets get programming...


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