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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Google Adds Streaming MP3 Player to Gmail

In a move which I think will make the anti-piracy police really really happy, Google is adding a streaming MP3 player to Gmail.

"When you receive an audio file as an email attachment, click the play button and Google will play the audio file for you in a popup window. MP3s are streamed using Google's Flash based video player."

The email system which was already criticised for being the perfect online storage space for illegal MP3s (and in fact has been hacked in the past to make it into a file swapping system) has now been made even more perfect for this.

I don't condone this.


  • I do!!!

    Copyright laws are too restrictive. We should move to a new model where artists are paid for live performances rather than sitting on their fat asses...

    By Blogger Media Monkey, at 10:12 am  

  • Take care what you say.

    I've got my finger on the 'Call the police' button.

    By Blogger Daniel, at 12:38 pm  

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