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Monday, August 21, 2006

Farecast - New US Vertical Search Engine

A new site has just launched in the US. They allow american consumers to have a handle on when to buy tickets. Since the introduction of flexible pricing models similar to that of Easyjet, US airlines have been varying the price you pay according to when you pay.
What consumers have noticed is that the airlines attempt to maximise their revenues by charging more at different times. The trick to getting the cheapest possible tickets is to time it right. If you book too early, airlines will sting you as they are still sitting comfortably at that point.
If you book too late, the airlines will get you again as your options run out. Getting that 'sweet spot' is notoriously difficult.

This site tries to give consumers information (it seems to be very careful not to guarantee it's recommendations) in order to make the right choice about waiting.
I wonder if this will be something people will pursue in the UK? Skyscanner seems to have the vertical travel flight market sewn up here. If a new site can come along and show the cost saving benefits, we could see a little fight between them!


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