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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Free legal MP3s? And pigs will fly!

London Underground wallpaper-newspaper Metro today reports that a new web service will allow free downloads of MP3s. The bizarrely named SpiralFrog will be fully supported by advertising.

If it works it would really be the greatest thing ever (yes, better than sliced bread and Sky+ combined), but call me cynical if I ask to see the business model first.

I bet there will be limits on downloads per user and probably other limitations not mentioned in the press-release-like article, else they'll get people setting up hacks to download everything without even viewing the ads.


  • Also, we haven't been pestered by people looking to get us putting our stuff into these ads.

    Doesn't look like something that'll take off anytime soon!

    By Blogger Media Monkey, at 11:16 am  

  • The deal is conditional on the outfit using DRM from Microsoft...cunning. The content will not play on the IPod and tracks are not transferrable to CDs. So.... traffic volumes will not be that high unless the new Microsoft MP3 player "The Zune" takes off. And Europe will go live in 2007... Perhaps you may you limited access to music, and full access to everything will cost you like Napster....

    "Watch a 90-second ad and you can download a song; watch a two-minute one, and you can download a video; to keep them, you'll need to return to SpiralFrog's site and watch more ads."

    Perhaps overhype by the press!

    By Blogger neil, at 12:01 pm  

  • I think that the new product from Warner Brothers will have to have a killer application or bring something new to market. We can get free music from a number of websites (all illegal) so the best that Warners can hope to do is drive the illegal websites out of the digital space.

    The challenge for the geeks will be to convert the music files so that they can be loaded onot mobile phones / iTunes?

    By Blogger GrumpyOldMan, at 4:54 pm  

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