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Tuesday, July 11, 2006 | Media | The big internet streaming question | Media | The big internet streaming question

Some good questions here - how far should regulation go on the internet?

WIth the sudden and seemingly unstoppable rise of social media, we will see more and more independent micro publishers putting their material on the internet. I haven't read the terms and conditions of You Tube (though as usual, I have signed up), but I'm sure legal responsibility for the content is down to the person who uploaded it.
Can OFCOM really be expected to police every single video that is uploaded onto the internet? Could someone get in trouble for uploading video that offends people and breaks broadcasting rules?
Sometimes it sounds interesting working in law. This doesn't sound like one of them. Laws already exist against obscene material and libel. These will not be changed by the medium in which the offense is initiated. The only change is that people won't have to follow the far stricter regulations around broadcasting - technically you're distributing data.

Enforcement might get a little silly if they were to try it too.


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