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Friday, July 07, 2006

Are Google Communists?

I'll never find the article again, but I read an interesting one suggesting Google's strategy was like Cuba's in the Missile Crisis.

In the last year or two they've launched email, blogging, online spreadsheets and word processors, a Paypal type payment system and even chat (meaning they had get rid of one of their founding principles - "We don't do chat").

And there's a lot of speculation about what they're up to, what their grand plan is, and in particular whether they're going to try to compete with Microsoft with a full suite of server-side Office programmes and possibly a browser-based OS.

But this article wondered if they didn't have any such ambitions and are instead just scaring Microsoft with the possibilities of what they could be up to. Personally I'm just looking forward to gMinesweeper coming out.


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