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Friday, September 08, 2006

Former Google managing director Burns to join AdLink

Former Google managing director Burns to join AdLink - Digital Bulletin - Digital news by Email - Brand Republic
Why is she doing this? Katie Burns is one of the most respected people in search. She cashed her shares in Google which should have given her a fairly robust pack of notes.
Now she's returning to head up the search arm of Adlink.
Adlink don't have a search offering worth spitting on. Adlink as an organisation are not comparable to Google. I would accept that she might think that it will be a challenge to run the search end of Adlink. However, I think the ex head of Google UK should be more than capable of running Adlink. All of Adlink.
Good luck to her, but I think she's going to find herself struggling to pick up significant bits of business. She must have a big client up her sleeve somewhere otherwise she wouldn't be doing this. I'd be interested to see if she can get much stuff done beyond the first two months.


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