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Thursday, November 30, 2006

How Asda Stole Christmas

Wallmart really is the Global Grinch of Christmas. Asda's woes continued as they had to recall 4 batches of pre-lit Christmas trees because a small number of damaged bulbs could cause an electric shock. I think it serves people right for shopping at Asda in the first place. Bring on explosive christmas crackers at Tesco's.

In any case, Asda has been a lot slower in it's online expansion comapred to its competitors. By contrast, Tesco's controls two thirds of UK online grocery orders and currently covers 95% of the UK, while Sainsbury's covers 80%. We'll see a big push by ASDA in 2007 to further its online growth and achieve 80% national coverage in distribution (compared with 50% currently)...


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