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Friday, September 15, 2006

I want a Zune suit

So, for $280 you can purchase a snazzy and urbane suit designed by Bagir and Eleksen that transforms the suit's lapel into a control panel for controlling iPods

However, as Microsoft enters the market with the Zune, I do feel that my taste in apparel may change to a Zune suite. The wireless networking connects your Zune to other Zunes, letting you share "full-length sample tracks of select songs", your recordings, your playlists, pictures etc There is an FM tuner which is quite cool, and I can't wait until it is finally cheap enough to provide a digital tuner. It will be interesting to see how wireless sharing will infringe on music/ movie copy right.... can there be a possible barrier in place? and no doubt the next generation of 80gig Ipods will upstage the Zune with more enhanced video offering. For the consumer it will be fun to watch the battle commence between these 2.
Microsft has indicated that it may push to give away downloads but rake advertising cash from its planned site instead of the pay-per-episode model iTunes uses. "Advertising opportunities associated with the online syndication of a TVseries include display and streaming video plus sponsorship packages incorporating MSN media and in-content integration," MSN and FOX said in the announcement.The download store to the Zune look set to operate at the end of the year, US time.


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