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Monday, August 07, 2006


RAJAR stands for Radio Joint Audience Research Limited. We were all so close! I believe that it was the first (A) that threw us, and the initials should in fact read RJAR.

Recent findings (Q2 August) reported that radio via digital television (DTV) or the Internet, has increased from 25.5 million adults last quarter (Q1, 2006) to 27.1 million adults (Q2, 2006) or 54.3%.

Listening via the Internet has increased by 9.6%, up from 20.8% (Q1, 2006) to 22.8% (Q2, 2006)

Listening via DTV has grown by 6.6%, up from 36.5% (Q1, 2006) to 38.9% (Q2, 2006)

7% of adults listen to radio via their mobile

1.9m use their mp3 player to listen to downloaded radio programme podcasts

Oh, and in today's Guardian (media section), the top 5 digital radio station were listed for Q2 (000s):

1. The Hits (1102)
2. Smash Hits (776)
3. BBC7 (668)
4. 5 Live (658)
6. Asian Network (444)

Digital radio certainly seems a valid route for the commercial stations to challenge the might of the BBC and ensure healthier competition.


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