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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

MediaPost Publications - Google Maps Adds Coupons - 08/15/2006

Google Maps Adds Coupons - 08/15/2006

You people might call them vouchers.

Malcolm's addition:
Interesting - I think the most important development in this system is that it replaces the need to have a website at all.

This substantially removes barriers to small businesses advertising within Google and should mean that Google recruits even smaller businesses to it's advertising programmes.
If they can get a good percentage takeup of the service, they've also found a way to incentivise usage of the Google Maps site. This will also provide revenue for the Google maps service and start to encourage Google to spend more time and money promoting it. Should be interesting to start using this once the service rolls out to the UK in however many years that takes!
Streetmap and Multimap are probably quaking in their boots...


  • Where's the insight? All you've done is post a link.

    I want some context, some emotion, some reasoning!?

    By Blogger Media Monkey, at 11:41 am  

  • We have been trying to get a feed live on Google Maps for IFA Promotion and have had all sort of problems - Niall has spent hours uploading to Google base to get random emails back from Google saying the feed isn't right. Google don't for instance recognise telephone numbers with 10 characters. But it's free so can't complain!

    By Blogger Celine, at 12:55 pm  

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