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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Media Week Editor shares his opinion

We had Philip Smith the editor of Media Week in to talk to the agency yesterday. Philip was once the editor of Revolution, the mnthly online magazine. He is knowledgable about the Internet and the growing digital space. He thinks that ipTv will evolve as we all do... after all YouTube is now attracts more eyeballs than MySpace. He came up with an interesting suggestion about someone developing an aggregator for ipTV... it sounds like a winner... I think that we should look to get an ipTV aggregator website built and sell if for a fortune to Rupert M...!!

It was interesting to here Philips views on corporate blogs. His view is that some, if not most brands should do a blog. Cillit Bang is a classic example of how not to do a Blog or involve a PR agency who are nieve about the digital space. I think its an area open for digital agencies to exploit but its just how and when?


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