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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

McDonald's Talk

This is an online forum for McDonald's staff to have their say. Proves to be a good read.

"Yesss!!! I got a raise from $6.50 to $8! I'm so happy. And, I didn't even complete 500 hours. I had like 100. Well, pretty much, our store is REALLY desperate for people because everyone's quitting, so, the training wage people get a $1.50 raise. Does anyone's store do this?"

" was wondering, what is the "policy" on relationships between managers and crew? Not exactly romantic relationship, but like friendly as well. Because, a team leader there is like a good friend of mine, [even if I'm almost-16 and he's 22], and we hang out, and I think he was once telling me that "technically, managers aren't supposed to be hanging out with crew." That would kind of suck if it was true"

"is anyone else doing the pirates of the carrabian shit? have you won anything? know anyone who has? i have done like 40 codes and got nothing."

"you know you work at hell actually get denied a job offer because a company is partners with MCD's."


  • > So at around 1:30 the power went out at our store!
    I was assemblying sandwiches, and then the next thing the power went out!!! It was out for about 45 mins or so. While the power was out we had tooken alot of stuff back to the sink area to wash, mop the place, and sweep. We didn't think the power was gonna come back on, so we just deceided to take all the stuff back.

    Fascinating stuff!

    By Blogger Daniel, at 12:15 pm  

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